Maktoub has a passion for growth. We specialize in development, production and distribution of organic, organo-mineral and ecological fertilizers and soil improvers. In recent years we developed into a leading player in the international market today. Fertilizers with the Organico logo are produced in accordance with EU Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008 and are therefore allowed to be used for organic agriculture and horticulture. Maktoub helped establishing economical growth in agriculture for farmers across the continents.


Maktoub runs a production site based in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We continually invest in expansion of our production facilities and optimization of our production methods, focusing on technology and quality control. This enables us to meet all national and international standards and requirements. Our production units offer a high degree of flexibility, enabling swift and customized production.

With our products, we respond to increasing global demand for fertilizers of natural origin. These contribute to a fertile soil for production of food while at the same time anticipating the growing awareness of the need for environmentally friendly production and consumption.

innovative range

The basic ingredients of our products are raw materials of animal and vegetable origin. After careful selection these are processed, singly or in combination with other ingredients, into pellets, granules, crumbs or mixtures. In order to meet continually changing demand in the market, we continue to develop new fertilizers.


Our head office is located in the United Arab Emirates. With its intensive agriculture and livestock farming, it has a reputation for high quality and affordable raw materials which we use in our natural products. Moreover our production site at The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia has an excellent logistics infrastructure. From this basis, we operate our distribution network covering over sixty countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia and Europe.